CLAROmetric 360°

CLAROmetric 360° –analysis – proven to improve work performance


  • Gathering feedback about your performance and leadership skills from your subordinates, colleagues, supervisors and possibly from external stakeholders as well as self-evaluation by yourself
  • A balanced view of how others view your performance and your strengths and weaknesses
  • Individual and prioritized development plan to improve your performance


  • Opportunity to improve your performance based on the feedback from multiple sources
  • Excellent tool for becoming more effective and developing leadership skills
  • Increases self-awereness and helps you to understand how your behavior affects you and your organization
  • Opportunity to adjust behaviors and skills needed to reach the targets and strategy of your organization
  • Increases communication and improves feedback culture of your organization
  • Genuine changes in leadership behavior


  • CLARO 360° analysis for non-managerial employees, managers or executives
  • Competency based online survey, convenient and easy to complete
  • Customized questions to different stakeholders, focusing on evaluating competencies needed to excel in your role
  • Questionnaire is based on the Claro Leadership model
    • CLARO self, CLARO us, CLARO focus, CLARO results 
  • CLARO 360-degree feedback analysis measures also how our actions affect the emotions and actions of others.  Our behavior is strongly influenced by emotions and therefore emotions also impact our performance.
  • One- on-one 360-feedback meeting with a coach to analyze the information received, to create an individual development plan and to decide how to share and discuss the results with your team.