• The Narrative Big Five Assessment and Report are based on the Five Factor Model of Personality or ”Big Five”
  • The model’s beginnings date back to the 1930’s and, where most personality assessments such as the DISC or MBTI are based on psychological theory, the Five Factor Model is based on empirical data
  • The Narrative Big Five Assessment is a powerful personality tool used throughout the HR lifecycle


  • It is based on the Five Factor Model or “Big Five” which is the standard used by psychologists and academics.
  • The world´s most researched and validated personality model.
  • Short and quick to complete
  • Designed for individual as well as team evaluations, coaching, and development
  • Practical
  • No license fees, pay only after use


  • Narrative Big Five Assessment, based on the Five Factor Model, which measures the five super traits as well as 23 sub-traits. In total, Narrative’s Big Five Personality Assessment includes 129 items which are completed on a scale of 1 to 5 (strongly disagree to strongly agree) scale rating.
  • 129 questions that takes 10-15 minutes to complete

Read sample excerpts from Narrative’s reports:

When assessing personality, it is important to remember that there is no “good” or “bad” score. Instead, the Narrative Big Five Assessment looks at the scale as an indicator of strengths. A score may present a strength or challenge, depending on the situation. Just because an individual scores on the left end of the resilience scale does not mean that they are unable to manage stress, rather we observe that those scoring left on the resilience scale are often excellent in customer-service roles where they take the concerns and experience of the customer very seriously. And, where someone may score far-right on the resilience scale, indicating a calm, confident and optimistic personality, they may be less suited to a customer facing role and more suited for positions requiring rational thought – e.g. a pilot or surgeon.

Learn more about the Narrative Big Five Assessment through Narrative’s webinar Personality at Work: Five Factors of Strength featuring Narrative,  Caryn Lee and  Dr. Cris Wildermuth.