CLARO time management

CLARO Time Management – Creating more time in your day


  • Reducing stress
  • Accomplishing more with less effort and time, improving productivity and efficiency
  • Enjoying your work more
  • Improving the quality of your work
  • Recognizing your personality style and opportunities for advancement and achieving your career goals


  • You´d like to be more efficient and accomplish more at work and improve your management team work
  • There are too many interruptions, emails and ineffective meetings at work
  • You feel you are always rushing, completing tasks at the last minute and forgetting things  
  • You´d love to have better work –life balance


  • You’ll learn a simple method to effectively manage your time
  • You´ll get your Narrative Big 5 personality profile and learn how your personality affects your work style and performance
  • You´ll learn to use your personal strengths and be more aware of your challenges
  • Claro Time Management includes your Narrative Big 5 personality profile, time management skills analysis, 3 sparring meetings (1,5 h each), assignments and follow-up