Towards an inspiring and effective leadership culture

Claro Leaders Ltd specializes in the development of leadershipand leadership teams. We have a deep passion for clear, strength-based leadership where excitement and inspiration are the keys to succesful business. We at Claro believe in keeping it simple and clarifying the essential. Our mission is to help our customers clarify and crystallize their thoughts and priorities in all circumstances. We help our customers to create an inspiring and effective leadership culture.

For the LOVE of great Leadership

Claro Leaders was born in July 2010
out of the desire to improve leadership and management team performance by experienced consultants who themselves have strong leadership and management team experience.  

Claro focuses on serving companies and organizations who are dedicated to gaining competitive advantage by great leadership. Claro´s recipe for success is in simplifying and clarifying the essentials in strategy, management / leadership model or process of change. 

There are many different isms in leadership. Claro´s vision is to develop Finnish leadership and leaders to become the best in the world.