CLARO emotions

CLARO Emotions – leading with emotion


  • To learn about the importance of emotions and how to manage them
  • To learn a scientific based and very practical way to manage emotions  
  • To improve and create an emotional environment that will help to achieve the goals of your organization


  • Happy employees bring 40% more revenue than unhappy employees  
  • Emotional environment of the workplace impacts the productivity, performance and bottom line
  • The top management and senior leaders play a central role in defining the environmental culture of the company – it can explain up to 50-70% of the emotional environment of the organization
  • Organizations with positive leadership team environment are more productive and make more profit
  • 75% of the management mistakes are related to managing emotions


Claro leadership and leadership team development begins with review of the current situation and issues. Every company is unique and therefore we create a customized solution to match the needs of the situation. Here below is one example.

Leadership team, strategy and emotions

  • Choosing 2-3 important strategic themes
  • Analyzing what emotions these themes arise and how do these emotions impact the implementation of the strategy.
  • Analyzing what emotions would be needed to support the implementation of the strategy.
  • Make a plan for how to  create these emotions and how to use them to reach the goals of the organization