CLARO management audit

CLARO Management Audit – for leadership development


  • Leadership Management audit method to improve decision making and develop leadership
  • Assess the current capabilities of the leadership team to execute chosen strategy
  • Assess the skills, traits and strengths of the individual leadership team members and how they are utilized
  • Increase personal growth as a leader and leadership team member 
  • Provide clear and justified recommendations on how to improve leadership and leadership team work


  • Objective perspective on the capabilities and opportunities for development of the leaders, leadership teams and identified future leaders
  • Matching the right talent to the right roles
  • Strengthening the potential of individuals
  • Help individuals better understand their personality traits, strengths, motivation and uncover opportunities
  • Improve leadership and leadership team work and provide valuable information to reach the targets  


  • Assessment of each leadership team member and other key individuals
    • Performance, leadership skills and potential to grow
    • Value to the company
    • Defining developmental needs and recommendations
  • Our reliable and versatile tools
    • Narrative Big Five personality assessment
    • CLARO 360 leadership assessment
    • Resilience Profile