Niklas Eklöf

Niklas Eklöf

Senior  Consultant, Certified Business Coach, Narrative Big Five Certified Professional

“Niklas is great at listening and helping people find the crux of the matter. Niklas gets special praise from customers for his positivity and patience.”

Clarity of experience

  • Niklas has got fifteen years of experience as a CEO in publishing (both newspapers and books) as well as in producing films and television programs. He has also worked for many years in the educational field. He has been working as a business consultant in Abu Dhabi specializing in finding and developing business opportunities for companies interested in the UAE.
  • Niklas has studied Business Administration and Organizational Theory. He is also a certified Executive Coach and certified in the Narrative Big Five program.

Clarity of expertise

  • Corporate welfare and improving organizational structures
  • Expert organizations and media companies
  • Financial and cultural foundations

Clarity of leisure time