Martti Tyynismaa

Martti Tyynismaa

Senior Consultant, MBA, Narrative Big Five Certified Professional

Martti makes things happen with his organized, consistent and inspiring approach. As an objective outsider Martti can help discovering alternative solutions, making sure things move forward and everyone´s on board and committed.

Clarity of experience

  • Martti has extensive experience in coaching Board of Directors, senior management and leadership team members. So far he has been sparring over 140 organizations.  
  • During his career Martti has been working 23 years as bank manager, 10 years as coach and trainer and 22 years as a restaurant owner and developer – perfect balance between theory and practice.  

Clarity of expertise

  • Leadership, leadership team and individual development and performance assessment
  • Groups and subsidiaries, SME’s, public sector organizations

Clarity of leisure time

  • Loves spending time with wife, three children and six grandchildren
  • 3-4 Exercise classes a week and 3-4 long walks a week takes care of well-being of the body and mind
  • Following different sports