Maija Eklöf

Maija Eklöf

Senior  Consultant, Certified Business Coach and Mentor, Narrative Big Five Certified Professional

Maija is a visionary leader of change who has long, vast and deep knowledge and experience of leading big and multicultural organizations.Maija is appreciated by customers of her strong presence, deep  listening and ability to visualize the big picture quickly.

Clarity of experience

  • Maija has solid experience of leading multicultural operative organisations in three different  airlines, Finnair, Etihad Airways and Norra. She also has experience from being Managing Director in an education company. 
  • She has rich network both in Finland and abroad. 
  • Maijas education is Ms, Sc., eMBA and certified coach and mentor. She also has Narrative Big Five Certificate.

Clarity of expertise

  • Managing change from vision to implementation, competence and performance management.
  • Aviation, Airlines, operations.
  • Education

Clarity of leisure time

  • Maija’s leisure time is full of  literature and versatile exercise, such as yoga, gym, salsa dancing and downhill skiing.