Eija Holmström

Eija Holmström

Senior Consultant, eMBA, M.Sc. Economics, Student of Social Sciences, Narrative Big Five Certified Professional

“Eija inspires and sets example with her energetic approach and courage to try something new. Her open-minded and supportive attitude encourages all the participants to embrace change.”

Clarity of experience

  • Eija’s extensive experience of assessment, coaching and development of Board of Directors, Leadership teams and leaders is based on her solid background in senior management and board of directors roles  
  • Before joining Claro Eija worked for Algol Chemicals for 12 years as the CEO and in other senior management roles (responsible for HR, communications and corporate responsibility). In addition Eija was the member of the Board of Directors in several Algol´s subsidiary companies.  
  • Eija worked for MPS Finland for 10 years as a Senior Management Consultant assessing, coaching and developing leadership teams and senior management. She was also responsible for MPS´s Leadership development team.  
  • Eija has 15 years of experience in Finance leadership roles from Finnish and international companies
  • Since 2019 Eija has studied Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Learning the latest scientific knowledge about sociology and social psychology challenges thinking and boosts leading development projects.

Clarity of expertise

  • Leadership and Leadership team work assessment and development
  • Senior and middle management coaching
  • Change management, performance management
  • Development of HR processes, workplace assessment and well-being  
  • Expert organizations, retail, services

Clarity of leisure time

  • Eija has very curious personality and therefore diverse interests. She likes different sports and learning new things.
  • Studying and spending time with her children and their families takes most of Eija´s free time